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Fast Facts

Fast Fact:

Can paternity testing be performed without the mother?

Yes, many of our cases are performed without the mother.

Fast Fact:

How is a DNA test if the child and father are in 2 different cities?

We can schedule collections in any city or state throughout the country. All samples will be tested together once received at the laboratory.

Fast Fact:

Can I get a DNA test if the father is deceased?

Parentage can be determined when the alleged father is deceased by testing his parents or siblings. Samples collected at the time of death or an autopsy may also be used.

Fast Fact:

Must I pay the full DNA test fee up front?

Partial payment is acceptable at the time of your DNA specimen collection. Test results will not be released until full payment is received

Fast Fact:

DNA cheek swab collections do not have to occur at the same time and location for all parties. We can schedule collections at any time and anyplace throughout the nation or worldwide. All samples will be tested together once received at the laboratory.

Fast Fact:

Parentage can be determined when the alleged father is deceased by blood or cheek samples collected at the time of death, tissue specimens from previous surgeries or an autopsy may be used, his parents can be tested to determine if they are grandparents.

Fast Fact:

Partial payment is acceptable at the time of your DNA specimen collection. Test results will not be released until full payment

Paternity DNA Test

Step By Step AABB Paternity DNA Testing

Step #1 - Contact Accurate

Call Us at 1-866-382-2802

We will obtain your information to determine the preferred city test location and test date for each tested person and provide cost, which is typically $299. All individuals do not have to be tested at the same collection site or city.

Step #2 - Your Appointment

You will be provided the appointment time and location for your cheek swab collection at a local site closest to your home or office.

Step #3 - Courier Express

courierYour DNA sample(s) will be courier expressed to the AABB laboratory for next day delivery.

Step #4 - Final Results

 The lab upon receipt of collected sample will perform the analysis and the DNA test results will be signed and notarized by the director of the AABB accredited laboratory. DNA test results will be received 48 hours after reaching laboratory. We will phone you (provided you provide us the correct code to release results). We will then fax, e-mail or mail the results to you. If you are local, you can pick up the results in our local office.

Personal Peace of Mind Paternity DNA Test – $199

Paternity DNA Test

Personal DNA test results are typically used to satisfy curiosity or to provide with peace of mind. These results can be used for personal knowledge and are not legally defensible in court. You can trust the accuracy of our test results unlike companies that do not utilize an accredited laboratory for their home DNA or personal DNA tests. Why save a few dollars save a few dollars on DNA paternity test that is not performed at an AABB laboratory, and yet receive false results? A personal DNA test can also be performed at one of our collection sites throughout the U.S. or in the privacy of your home.

Some clients may never need to use the testing results for legal purposes and may not want to involve a third party in the specimen collection process. In this case, a free Home Paternity Test kit can be used so you can collect your own specimen in privacy of your home. You will be provided a free DNA test kit with collection instructions. Since there is neither chain of custody for the specimen collection such as no proper identification or picture taking of the tested parties, this type of test will not be legally admissible in court; however, the same accurate test results will be achieved as with our legal DNA paternity tests because an accredited laboratory conducts all testing and analysis. What good would it serve you to save a few dollars to obtain false results on a DNA testing by utilizing a company that does not perform testing by an accredited DNA laboratory? Because we do not collect the DNA buccal swab samples, we can not guarantee that an adequate amount of DNA will be available for testing; however, in over 99% of cases, clients who order the free home DNA Kit generally collects an adequate amount of DNA cells to allow testing. You will be provided a free home DNA kit that will contain everything you need to perform the buccal swab to collect DNA cells for analysis.

Legal DNA Paternity Test – $299

Paternity DNA TestAccurate paternity DNA test is the most accurate and best price test guaranteed. Our affiliate laboratory uses the most advanced and accurate technology to determine parentage. The probability of paternity is 0% when the alleged father is not biologically related to the child. We achieve a probability of paternity greater than 99.9% when the alleged father is proven to be the father of the child. The DNA Sample Collection is Fast, Easy and Painless. A Q-tip like cotton swab is rubbed on the inside of the cheek for 30 seconds, placed into an envelope and courier expressed to the laboratory for next day delivery and analysis.

Our legal paternity DNA test is a Court admissible and legally defensible. Legal DNA Paternity Test results can be used as a legal document in seeking child support or inheritance, in changing a name on a birth certificate.

We coordinate your DNA specimen collections at our office or one of thousands of professional DNA specimen collection facilities throughout the U.S. and worldwide. The ‘Chain of Custody’ process ensures that (cheek-swab) samples are performed & collected by a trained, independent third party professional & never by the client themselves. This chain of custody process produces DNA Paternity test results that are legally defensible because every step of the process is documented and accounted for, from collection to testing. All tested individuals are positively identified with government issued identification, and a photograph suitable for positive identification is taken of each tested individual at the time of specimen collection. All collected specimens are sealed in a tamper evident manner and tracked throughout the entire collection and testing process.

Non-Traditional Paternity DNA Test Samples

You have the option to test toothbrushes, fingernails, hair and other non-traditional samples for DNA testing. Such testing is not legally admissible in court. Call us at 866-382-2802 for pricing and further details.

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